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3 ways to head off a headache

Whether your triggers include work stress, a change in the weather, or carpool day, just about all of us get headaches at some time or another. Help keep a headache at bay with this list of reminders:

  • Make sure you’re drinking enough. Dehydration can be a common cause, so try for 6-8 glasses of water a day (around 3-4 regular bottles) if you’re looking to help prevent headaches. When it’s hot out or you’re exercising, you might need more.
  • Stick to drinking water. Other fluids, like soft drinks, could contain ingredients that trigger the pain.
  • Keep a record of your headaches. There are all different kinds of headaches, like migraine, cluster headache and sinus headache, to name a few. If they’re happening often, jot down some details to help your doctor diagnose them and give you headache relief. Write down:
    • The date and time your headache began
    • Where you were and what you were doing just before your headache started
    • How much sleep you had, and what you ate and drank, in the 24 hours before
    • How long your headache lasted, and what helped relieve it

Please note this content is intended solely as a general product and educational aid and is not intended as professional medical or healthcare advice.

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