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How to Treat Headaches and How You Can Prevent Them Naturally

Headaches can be a bit of a mystery sometimes. Everything from poor posture and stress to changes in sleep and even missing meals can bring a headache on.1

Preventing Headaches

Whether you suffer from frequent headaches or get them every now and then, here are some effective ideas to help prevent them:2

Get enough rest
Your headache might just be telling you that you need more rest — try getting more sleep, or taking a few more breaks throughout the day.

Keep your stress levels low
Studies have shown that people who experience a lot of stress have more headaches.3


Keep your body healthy
Eating a well‐balanced diet and incorporating exercise into your daily routine are important, as research has shown that people who exercise regularly have fewer and less intense headaches.4

Listening to your body is always a great way to help prevent headaches. While they can arise suddenly, it is possible to reduce your risks by paying attention to how different situations, environments, foods and drinks make you feel. When you go on the defensive, it can help keep you on track.

Treating a Headache

Take a break

If you start to feel a headache coming on, try lying down in the dark. Sometimes that’s all you’ll need!

Ice your forehead

A cold compress on your forehead can make a big difference.

Consider acupuncture

An ancient form of Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulates your trigger points, which can increase blood flow and release tense muscles that can cause headaches.

Enjoy a hot bath or shower

The moist, warm air can clear your nasal passages and help relax aching muscles.

take Motrin for your headache

Take over‐the‐counter medication

Try MOTRIN® Tablets or MOTRIN® Liquid Gels, which are a great way to quickly stop the pain associated with headaches and migraines. They contain ibuprofen, a fast‐acting ingredient that halts pain and inflammation in its tracks.

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