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About MOTRIN® Products

Let pain or a fever sideline you or your family? Not a chance.

MOTRIN® Tablets, MOTRIN® Platinum Muscle & Body Caplets, and MOTRIN® Liquid Gels contain ibuprofen, an ingredient that provides pain relief and reduces inflammation. You can count on MOTRIN® Tablets to relieve your headaches, while MOTRIN® Platinum Muscle & Body works in two ways to relieve body pain and relax tense muscles. And for fast, effective relief of tough pain, there’s MOTRIN® Liquid Gels. It stops headache and migraine pain where it starts – helping you to be even more unstoppable.

The new MOTRIMAX 12 HOUR Liquid Gels effectively relieve pain with naproxen.

For your kids, you can trust Infants’ or Children’s MOTRIN® to relieve pain quickly, and bring fevers down for up to 8 hours.

With a long history of providing families with pain and fever relief, MOTRIN® products can help you and your family feel better, and make the most of every day.

Pain and fever relief for you and your family

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