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3 Tips on How to Relieve Joint Pain In Adults

Joint pain can be caused by all sorts of things. A fall while playing sports, twisting suddenly, or plain old overuse. It could be that you’ve:

  • Fractured a bone
  • Hurt the tissues around your joint, like a ligament (bone connector), tendon (muscle-bone connector), or muscle
  • Damaged the cartilage cushion inside the joint

By taking action now, you can help keep the pain from getting in your way. See your doctor if it’s severe - but if not, try these tips:

  1. For the first 48 hours, think R.I.C.E.
       R = Rest the joint, and keep your weight off of it.
       I = Ice the area to ease swelling.
       C = Compress the joint – wear an elasticized support bandage from the drugstore.
       E = Elevate it – keep it up above your heart, especially when you sleep.
  2. After that, work out what you can.* Hurt your knee? Work your upper body. It’ll help get your circulation going and keep you healthy.
  3. Remember to change up your movements. To prevent arthritis, avoid repetitive actions by taking short breaks and switching up your tasks.

*Make sure to check with your doctor before starting or changing a workout plan.

Please note this content is intended solely as a general product and educational aid and is not intended as professional medical or healthcare advice.

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