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We open a glass conference room door with etched type that reads “Tina’s Uterus Research and Development”. We hear the sounds of an office, (typing, phones ringing and other ambience) as the camera zooms in through the glass door we see a woman writing on a white board in front of a small group of employees. The white board reads “Menstrual Cramp “Pain”storm with several bullets below that read: Evil Wizards Curse, Bees?, Electrodes, and Ten Thousand Knives. Immediately off the top of the spot we hear one of the women suggest,

CAROL: What if it felt like being eaten by a shark? 

Another woman’s eyes go wide as if she’s had an epiphany and can barely contain herself. She excitedly says,

JOAN: But from the inside!

She makes a clawing gesture with her hands, bares her teeth and hisses like a cat to emphasize the point.

JANET: Love that.

Janet returns Joan’s excitement and turns to start writing on the board when an orange Motrin sign begins flashing above the white board accompanied by a continuous alarm sound. BEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP… the women are clearly disappointed by the disruption. We hear a female P.A. voice calmly say:

PA: Relief imminent. All menstrual pain personnel please evacuate Tina’s uterus.

Carol drops her pen and leans back in her chair clearly annoyed. Joan rolls her eyes and closes her notebook abruptly as the others push away from the table. We transition to the end frame, featuring a super against the white board. The frame also includes a Motrin pack shot and 1 liquid gel.

LEGIBLE SUPER: To ensure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label.

SUPER: © Johnson & Johnson Inc. 2018

V/O: Motrin Liquid Gels. Relief from Menstrual, Migraine and Muscle pain.

SUPER: Pain relief for menstrual, migraine & muscle.

LEGIBLE SUPER: "Temporarily relieves mild to moderate migraine headaches."
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